Helping automate the routine and nudging consumer spending for memorable and happy things

World's first contextual platform in finance

FF is built with a person in mind: his fears of budgeting, his whims and long term desires. Employing at launch over 100 various studies in different sides of human behaviour, the platform builds an engaging daily routine around user's preferences and goals.

A new way to stay on track and be rewarded for purchases that matter

Each action we nudge the user to take is part of a carefully orchestrated process to push his spending to experiential tiers vs. impulse spending, raise the awareness of his spending by referring to an emotion — and gamify the behaviour to fend off procrastination and hyperbolic discounting

Yes, geeky, but on the whole this is just a bunch of colour cards you are tossing each day and get points for that

Colour-coding emotions in the money world

These colour cards symbolise transactions you did, recommendations you may want to follow, questions that would put your spending in context of your larger self. Where financial receipts are retrospective and technical, we make spending contextual and put it in perspective.

Each action is triggered by the transaction's meta-data and has the ability to optimise in future as mandated by a neural network algorithm. For a layperson: FF constantly optimises simple questions it asks and recommendations it gives.

FF: a platform-as-a-service to contextualise your transactions

We are presently preparing for launch with 4 international banks, overall targeting 25 million user profiles and focus on aiding current initiatives in digital banking. We operate through API and a number of end-user interfaces.